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The official hunting season in the Northern Areas begins on October 1 and ends on April 23. The best time to hunt is between mid-November and mid-January. This is the time when most of vegetation is covered with snow on the mountain but still available at lower altitudes, like meadows, gullies, ravines, alluvial fans & places near the villages and roadsides. So the animals migrate to these lower pastures and can be hunted easily but if one gets too late, the walks-n-stalks in deep snow on steep ridges become difficult, though, the game is still visible in abundance at lower altitudes.
Limited number of hunting permits are issued by Wildlife Department of Pakistan which are sold out in open auctions.
Inside the Park’s Core Zone, hunting is forbidden. In the Buffer Zone there are some Community Controlled Hunting Areas (CCHA)/Community Managed Areas, where a limited number of licences are issued by the local Government to hunt wildlife.
CCHAs inside the Park are located in Gilgit Area, in Bagrot, Jaglot and Ghulmat Valleys and in the south est zone of the Park in Hushey and Kandhe Valleys.

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