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Stations at High Altitude for Research on the Environment
Mountains represent an important source of water, energy and biological diversity. Moreover, mountains provide key resources as minerals, forest and agricultural products as well as recreation. However, mountain areas that cover about a fourth of the Earth’s land surface giving hospitality at about 13% of world population, are fragile ecosystems, very sensitive to global climate changes.
For these reason and following the UN resolutions and indications Ev-K2-CNR launched the SHARE project – Stations at High Altitude for Research on the Environment – with the aim to promote continuous scientific observations in key high-mountain regions able to contribute to knowledge on regional and global climate change. Through these activities, national and international governments are supported in order to promote sustainable development and adaptation policies against climate change effects in the mountain regions. In particular, thanks to a direct cooperation with UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program), extreme attention is devoted in addressing priority issues and present themes..
Specific aims of SHARE are to improve scientific knowledge on climate variability in mountain regions, by ensuring the availability of long term, high quality data. To this aim, a global mountain observation network on atmospheric composition, meteorology and glaciology, hydrology and water resources, biodiversity and human health has been implemented and maintained. SHARE activities also plan to include the design of mitigation and adaptation strategies to oppose the effects of climate change.

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