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To ensure that the Central Karakorum National Park wildlife, ecosystems and landscapes are protected, the following rules have to be respected.
Tourists may enter the Core Zone, but along the touristic treks only, following specific rules:

  • Proceed by feet and follow the trails (without leaving them);
  • Respect the Park and behave responsibly, with particular attention to conscientious waste disposal and to take home all the equipment carried in the Park;
  • Do not damage park signs;
  • Do not disturb the peace with bothersome noises;
  • Do not carve graffiti or any other inscriptions on the stones;
  • Avoid the use of nylon bags and plastic and/or glass bottles and boxes;
  • Use kerosene and butane gas for cooking in the designated areas only;
  • Lighting up fires to cook or to burn waste (with the exception of paper) is not permitted;
  • Tour Operators and CKNP Directorate Staff are mainly in charge of collecting, segregating and transporting waste outside the CKNP Park;

Camp in the designated campsites following these indications:

  • Along High Frequency Tourism Treks, camp is permitted only in the designated equipped areas;
  • Along Discovery and Occasional Treks, camp is permitted only in the designated (not equipped) areas with water availability;
  • In the Buffer Zone, Community Controlled Hunting Area and Conservation Area, camp is permitted only in the designated areas;
  • Regarding energy supply systems, in the camps along the High Frequency Tourism Treks and Discovery treks, it is required to prefer environmentally friendly energy supply systems. In case of use of generators the maximum power allowed is up to 4 Kw; in the camps along the Occasional Treks, generators are not permitted);
  • Climb peaks and trek in the Strictly Conservation Zone is not permitted.

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Goro-II Campsite
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