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Khaplu is the administrative capital of Ghanche district of Gilgit-Baltistan. The city is located on the left side of Shyok river (an Indus river affluent), at approximately 100 km east of Skardu. Following the Skyok valley the road goes to Leh in Ladakh. Khaplu Fort Palace and Chaqchan Mosque are the interesting places to visit. This mosque, built around 1,500 AC, is the oldest one in Baltistan. The building shows Buddhist influence and Tibetan architecture. A few kilometres from Khaplu the junction of three different valleys create a really vast sandy plain. From there, following north direction through Hushey valley, Hushey village can be reached. Balti is local language while Urdu and English is widely spoken in Ghanche district.
Main Park’s valleys near Khaplu: Thalley valley, Hushey valley
Trekking Routes list in Kaplu/Hushey area: 1-28-29-30-31-32-33-34-35-36-37 (see Route list)
Cultural Routes list in Kaplu/Hushey area: 56-57-58-59 (see Cultural Route list)

Thalley valley
The Thalley valley connects Shigar valley with the Hushey area. The valley runs along the
Park’s boundary between Khaplu and Shigar. The itinerary follows the Park boundary reaching Thalley La and passing along the Thalley valley. It is very interesting both from cultural (route 56) and trekking (trek 28) point of view.

Hushey valley
Hushey is one of the official Park’s entry point. Hushey, under the shadow of Mashabrum peak, is the gateway to various important peaks and glaciers. The trek that reaches Ghondoghoro pass at 5,650 m is one of the most popular and challenging trekking route in the world (trek 1). Another trek to be performed with relative ease is the one going to Masherburm Peak base camp (trek 35) and Thalle La.

Khaplu Fort
Masherbrum Hushe Valley