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Karimabad is the main town of Hunza valley in district Hunza-Nagar Gilgit-Baltistan. Hunza is name of the valley on right side of the Nagar Hunza river, and Nagar is name of the valley of  left side. The valleys of this area are green and forested. High mountains here are very close to the road so it is possible to reach glaciers and base camp quite quickly. Rakaposhi is the most famous peak of the area well known all over the world for his shining beauty.
Nagar-Hunza valley is the prime attraction for tourists with spectacular sceneries of the surrounding mountains. A view of four 7,000 m high peaks – Rakaposhi, Diran, Golden and Ultar – from various points of Nagar Hunza makes it unique. The valley is known for its delicious fruits, terraced fields, land mark monuments and also for its changing colours during the different seasons. Burushaski and Wakhi are the languages spoken in the Hunza Nagar region, but English and Urdu are widely used for communication with visitors. Nagar has been a state of equal status and importance as Hunza. Although the valley is spread in a vast region, the main village of Nagar is just opposite to Karimabad, across the Hunza river. Bar, Jaffarabad, Husanabad, Sikandarabad, Nilt and Ghulmit are the major villages in Nagar to be included in a travel plan.

Main Park’s valleys near Nagar Hunza area: Minapin valley, Ghulmet valley, Sumayar valley, Hopar valley, Hispar valley
Trekking Routes list in Nagar Hunza area: 5- 6-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-38-39-40-41-43-44-45 (see Route list)

Cultural Routes list in Nagar Hunza area: 51-52 (see Cultural Route list)

Ghulmet valley
From Ghulmet village on the Karakorum Highway you can easily and quickly reach the Ghulmet valley and Rakaposhi base camp (trek 17). Here, the view on the Rakaposhi face is absolutely amazing. Rakaposhi face here rises 6000m in only 16.5km horizontal distance from the Hunza river. It’s a world record. There is a tourist spot in the town of Ghulmet, called “Zero Point of Rakaposhi” from which it is possible to admire record rising face.

Minapin Valley
In front of Minapin village, on south direction, the Minapin valley starts. Here the green vegetation is in contrast with the shining glacier. A few kilometres above the village there is the amazing Minapin glacier with the Minapin Rakaposhi base camp (trek 18) and Diran base camp (trek 19). From there, going across Miachar, it is possible to reach Suymar village (trek 44).

Hopar valley
After Nagar village the valley is divided into three great valleys with important glaciers: Hopar, Sumayar and Hispar. Hopar valley is the western one. Hopar valley and glacier ends with the Diran peak (trek 20).

Sumayar valley
Situated between Hopar and Hispar valley, the Sumayar valley with its glaciers, ends with the Spantik peak or Golden peak. From the Golden peak base camp it is possible to admire the famus rocky brilliant face that gives the name to this mountains. (trek 21-22)

Hispar valley

The Hispar glacier is one of the main CKNP glaciers and the valley cuts the entire Park lengthwise. In Hispar there is one of the official entry point of the Park. From Hispar across a very long route it is possible to reach Askoli. The trekking goes through all the Hispar glacier, reaching Hispar pass, the Snow lake and along Biafo glacier,  Askoli in Braldu Valley (trek 5-6-45; cultural route 52).

Barpu Glacier
Spantik in Hoper Valley
Hisper Valley