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The Concordia Rescue Team was born in 2012 to cope with the lack of  . The rescue service is made up entirely by qualified Pakistani staff: mountain rescue technicians and paramedics, all experienced, acclimatized and specifically trained. They provide assistance to hikers, mountaineers, researchers and to Pakistan carriers who work in the park during the summer season.
The emergency service has two tasks: the first is helping in case of accidents on the mountains and maintaining safe the trekking routes on the glacier, the second is providing medical assistance to tourists, climbers and porters.
For the first aid and treatment at high altitude, the team operates in the Park in partnership with the 1122 Pakistan Emergency Service.

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Training Concordia Rescue Team



from Sat 0092 5815 921078
from Phone 0092 5815 1122


from Sat 0092 5811 922136
from Phone 0092 5811 1122

RADIO FREQUENCY Contact mountain base camp on 145.000


Rescue Altitude Rate* day/pax
3000-6000 $200,00
6000-7000 $250,00
7000-7500 $400,00
7500-UP $500,00
The Concordia Rescue Team Pakistani high altitude service
*Rate subject to the difficulties of rescue intervention. Helicopter service not included