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The SEED (Social Economic Environmental Development) Project is an initiative submitted by EvK2Cnr Committee, Italy and the Karakoram International University, within the framework of the Debt for Development Swap program between the Governments of Italy and Pakistan. The project started in 2009 and it will end in 2014. It aims to realize an integrated social, economic and environmental development, including the complete realization of Central Karakoram National Park.
With this aim, the project operates in compliance with the priorities defined in Implementation plan for the Agenda 21, developed at the World Summit of Sustainable Development in 2002 to achieve the reduction of poverty and support the sustainable development of mountain ecosystems.
The Project objectives are to improve livelihood and life quality of local people and to realize economic development, mainly by supporting eco-sustainable tourism sector. SEED also focus on CKNP, aiming to build a strong, intrinsically scientific park management.
The process involves the participation of the local communities living in and around the park, which is impossible without providing tangible benefits for the well-being of these communities.
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