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For centuries, the Gilgit Baltistan was one of the most remote and inaccessible region of the sub-continent but, since 1965, roads to the southern lowlands of Pakistan connected the GB on a year-round basis. Then, the realization of the Karakoram Highway (completed in 1978), which links Pakistan and China, opened up the Gilgit Baltistan to a series of unprecedented changes (social, economic, cultural and environmental).

First Karakoram explorers have been the English during the period of their possession of the area. We have to wait early twentieth-century to find a real interest which can be defined “climbing-touristic” as well as “exploratory”. Duke of Abruzzi arranged the first expedition toward the Baltoro Glacier on 1909, while in 1929 Duke of Spoleto with the famous scientist Ardito Desio organized a new scientific expedition in the area. Eric Shipton and other climbers started a more extensive frequentation of the area up to the first expeditions till years of postwar period, paving the way for the climbing Karakoram tourism. The Italian expedition to K2 of 1954 has seen the first ascent of this mountain and some years after, in 1957, the German expedition to Broad Peak marked the turning towards a touristic development of the area included in the present CKNP. From 1960s the touristic flow of climbers and trekkers has progressively increased, also for the concentration in the area of exceptional opportunities for mountain adventure activities, of peaks and unique sceneries known all over the world.

Duca of Abruzzi Expedition
Duca of Abruzzi Expedition
K2 1954
K2 1954 Expedition Italian