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Gilgit is the capital town and administrative centre of Gilgit-Baltistan province. It is located just outside the western boundaries of the Park, on the Karakorum Highway. Gilgit is strategically located in the most important region in the Karakorum and has been the region’s trade centre for centuries. It is the junction city between Cina and Central Asia, and it has also been an important city on the historical Silk Route, facilitating religions to spread across trans-boundaries.
The area is fed by waters of Hunza, Ghizer and Indus rivers along with several of their tributaries. Shina is the language spoken in Gilgit, while English and Urdu is widely spoken in the region. From Gilgit it is easy to visit some beautiful but not very touristic valleys of the Park.
Valleys here are usually green and forested.
Gilgit is the starting point of some interesting discovery trekking around the Rakaposhi. From here it is possible to reach two o three Rakaposhi base camp.
Main Park’s valleys near Gilgit: Bagrote valley, Haramosh valley, Jaglot valley, Danyore valley
Trekking Routes list in Gilgit area: 10-11-13- 14- 15-16-42. (see Trekking Route list)

Bagrote valley
The Bagrote valley starts from Jalalabad, few kilometres south east of Gilgit on the
Karakorum highway and follows north direction. Going through the Bagrote valley road you could reach Sat by jeep. At this point the valley is divided into two other valleys. On the left, the Hinarche glacier is leading to Rakaposhi Base Camp. (trek 14). On the right, the Haramosh valley, could be reached through Rakan Gal (trek 13).

Haramosh valley
Haramosh valley is between Gilgit and Skardu. Very well forested, the Haramosh valley is green and open. Few kilometres after Dassu, the main valley’s village, it is divided into different sub-valleys. On north west direction you could reach the Bragote valley, through Rakhan Gal (trek 13). On north east direction, going through the Baskai Glacier, you could easily reach the beautiful Kutwal lake (trek 11). On east direction, through Mani glacier and Haramosh pass, the Laila base camp and the Haramosh Glacier in the Basha valley could be reached (trek 10).

Danyore valley
Danyore valley is facing Gilgit town and it is the nearest Park’s entry point, the valley ends with the amazing Rakaposhi south face.


Jaglot valley
The Jaglot valley is on the western side of the Park. As many other western Park’s valley it is green and with some pasture areas. On the upper valley there is the Jaglot glacier, following which the west Rakaposhi base camp may be reached (trek 15). Going in south direction you could get to the Karakorum highway in Rahimabad, few kilometres under Jaglot village (trek 42). Going in north direction hiking on the Ghulmat area, you arrive to Nilt village, in Nagar valley (trek 16).

Bagrote Valley
Jaglot Valley