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Trouts was introduced in Gilgit agency during the early 1900s, Brown trout, locally called Angrazi Chemo, in 1908, while rainbow trout from 1975. This species is now well established and is found in most of the rivers and lakes of the region.
With numerous natural lakes in Baltistan, trout fishing is very much possible combined with soft adventures in the hilly terrain and lush green patches of mountain.
In many places it is possible to hire fishing gear at cheap prices.
Around Skardu, best places are Sadpara and Kachura Lake, while near to Gilgit, Kargah Nullah.
The season is 10 march to 9 October. Information and licenses are available at fisheries offices in towns, and sometimes from wardens on the spot.
The cost of a fishing licence is US$10 for foreigners.
The lake offers great opportunities for trout fishing. Naqposo and Jarbaso are some well-known lakes of the region.

Inside the Park Core Zone any fishing activity is restricted. In the Buffer Zone fishing is allowed, except breeding period, but some simple regulations have to be followed: it is mandatory to request a licence to the Fisheries Department or any other officer authorised by him in his behalf on payment of fees under the current above mentioned rules; it is not allowed to carry away wild specimens without authorisation and release of related certificate of health of animal products for exportation of Fisheries Department GB.